Dwi Rasy, A Brief Autobiography (2)

Dwi Rasy, A Brief Autobiography (2)

Even though I don’t exactly end up working as a scientist in a laboratory, I am grateful to be
accepted as a teaching staff for the Chemistry Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and
Natural Sciences (FMIPA), University of Lambung Mangkurat (ULM), in South Kalimantan.
For me, being a lecturer is a moment of truth for me to show that I can have my contribution
of a better life for many people, especially in the field of knowledge. With that determination,
I ventured a step. Nevertheless, a small apprehension still remained at the beginning, as it
would be a new adventure for me, where I would be in a far-away place, separated from both
of my parents. South Kalimantan, the province where ULM is located, is a 1-hour trip by plane
Surabaya, East Java.

At first, I couldn’t imagine what the campus that would be my workplace be like. But at ULM,
especially in FMIPA, I found many friends. Among them are fellow lecturers who have given
me the support and guidance, so that in the end I was able to adapt to my workplace. In Mid2007,
I started working as a lecturer. I live it with pride along with a determination to be able to
contribute in the field of knowledge and community service. A year later, I met my life partner who endlessly supports all my steps. We currently have three children from our marriage: two boys and a girl. My family is the most beautiful gift in my life.

As one of the teaching staffs at FMIPA, I was trusted as the Secretary of the Chemistry Study
Program in 2012-2016. In January 2019-December 2020, I was also entrusted with being the
Head of the Inorganic Laboratory Section, the ULM FMIPA Laboratory.
From 2020-now, I was also entrusted with the mandate as Chair of the Center for Intellectual
Property Rights (Hak Kekayaan Intelektual, HKI), University of Lambung Mangkurat (ULM).
Since 2008, I have also been actively involved as one of the Editors at Jurnal Sains dan Terapan
Kimia, a scientific journal published by the Chemistry Study Program at the faculty.
As a lecturer, I actively participate in various programs, both at national and international
levels. One of the programs as an international grant (from KARG-AIT Japan) that I received
in 2017, where I had this precious chance to travel to Vietnam. In the same year, I was also
listed as one of the lecturers with outstanding achievement at the FMIPA ULM.
In the area of intellectual property, I already own two patents: “Composition of a Hybrid
Compound of 1,8-Dihydroxyanthraquinone with Silica obtained from Rice Husk Ash ” which
was granted in 2016, and “Methods of Synthesizing A Composite from Activated Carbon (from
Water Hyacinth)/Chitosan/Epichlorohydrin and Activated Carbon from Water Hyacinth
Modified with Chitosan/Epichlorohydrin “, granted in 2017.

My great interest in chemistry also motivates me to keep my skills sharp, be it through various
researches, publications in various national and international scientific journals, as well as
being a presenter at a number of seminars. As a lecturer, the students that I supervised were
involved in the Student Creativity Program (Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa, PKM), an annual
program of the Directorate of Education and Community Service (DITLITABMAS) of the
Directorate General of Higher Education.
For me, learning is a never ending process. Now, tomorrow, as well as in the future, my pursuit
of knowledge is an ongoing intimacy. I hope to keep opening new doors, gain different
experiences from every challenging place to visit in different countries.
Because for me, knowledge is a fire that must kept on burning to shine a light in this life (End)

“For me, learning is a never ending process. Now, tomorrow, as well as in the future, my pursuit of knowledge is an ongoing intimacy”

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